Research-Journal writing-services for Indian-students

Research-Journal writing-services for Indian-students


Research-Journal writing-services for Indian-students

In the UGC-governed Universities and colleges in India, Indian University students are required to write research papers or research journals. Research-Journal writing-services for Indian-students. This is apart from the academic curriculum in master’s degrees and also in Ph.D. degrees. Writing a research paper is tough as it is a mini research, that meets the research objectives of your thesis. Therefore, without the help of a professional research paper writing service, Indian students miss the research journal submission deadline. We at Dissertationshelp4u offer the best research journal writing services in a variety of subject areas.

Research paper writing services

We at Dissertationshelp4u have a diverse team of Ph.D. level writers team who are top research journal writing experts offering reliable writing services. The issues of research journal word count, author guidelines, citation style, plagiarism, and formatting are taken care of. Get research paper writing services in your subject area, or get a survey and interview done for a primary research-based research journal. We also offer secondary data-based research journal writing services using systematic LR. We make sure that your research paper is qualitative and avoid chances of unacceptable quality content. Call us for a research journal writing quotation with your research title or explore our research journal topic selection services. We will offer end-to-end help for the best research paper online services to boost your academics. You can ask for UGC research journal writing help services or SCOPUS research journal writing services. Please remember urgent research journal orders are chargeable at double the normal rate.

Online research journal writing Support:

We provide 24X365X7 help to the research scholars and give them ideas in the field of research for UGC Care Journals. Our mission is not just research paper writing, but research journal title selection, research journal surveys, or research journal interviews. The research scholars can expect plagiarism-free Online research journal writing Support.

Plagiarism Free research journal writing Service

We write every research journal carefully and submit original UGC care journals as to avoid the accusation of copied content. Our writer follows all the guidelines and the deadline set by the customer. The completed order gives consumer satisfaction and is as per their expectations. Research Journal writing services for Indian students

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PG1 – FULL RESEARCH PROPOSAL Outline UWTSD London Campus, University of Wales, Trinity Saint David

Introduction Background & Context

Research Aims and objectives

Research Questions

Research Rationale:

Literature review/Theories or models

Proposed methodology:

Introductory bibliography:

Facilities and resources available for the investigation:

Ethical Issues

Proposed plan of work/Timetable

PG1 – FULL RESEARCH PROPOSAL-UWTSD London Campus, University of Wales


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Hiring a Research Assistant for PhD thesis writing

Hiring a Research Assistant for PhD thesis writing


Conducting Research work is vital and hence hiring a Research Assistant for PhD writing relieves you from writing execution is needed while you work. Dissertationshelp4u offers research scholar services for PhD writing orders. It means that as a customer you are hiring a Research Assistant for PhD writing  service. Thesis writing requires in-depth knowledge and to devote time for research study. Each chapter of PhD thesis is different like research methodology writing, research synopsis writing, data analysis writing. Therefore hiring a Research Assistant for PhD writing relieves you from writing execution, explains the brief of what work has been done, addresses all PhD queries for you to appear in University. Hiring a Research Assistant for PhD writing also helps you to brief what you need to say during PhD defense. Infact you worry less about learning different styles of academic writing skills for PhD. There are many challenges a researcher face, ranging from choosing an appropriate research topic, choosing the right research method, data collection after questionnaire compilation, and dealing with the statistical data analysis SPSS techniques for arriving at the relevant research findings. Here is a list of benefits if you hire a research assistant for PhD thesis writing in West Bengal. Remember that guided PhD thesis services Kolkata is not only writing and submitting work, but dedicated Research Assistant for PhD writing assisting you with following PhD services:

  • To identify research gap and offer three research topics
  • Get one pager pre proposal schema of each research topic
  • To formulate actual narrowed PhD topic from generic topic based on the gap identified
  • To fine get a LR table of all journals used for finding research gap
  • To get literature Review writing services
  • To collate previously published research journals used for PhD thesis writing service .
  • Get a research design, research methodology writing service
  • Order research questionnaire service and data collection service
  • Develop research survey tools such as questionnaire, or Interview guide or Focus Groups Design
  • Authenticate quality of data, pilot testing services, conceptual framework drawing services
  • Provide adequate support for performing research computation
  • Carry out data collection services for PhD research
  • Make proper diagnosis and problem solving of PhD research study


In order to conduct proper research for PhD Thesis Writing, hiring a PhD writer Services in Kolkata is your important decision. We offer one to one research assistance service for PhD research scholar necessitate your query resolution apart, from PhD thesis output. Conducting a valid PhD research study can be a significant challenge to WestBengal PhD researchers, in particular for those with inadequate resources and time. As a PhD researcher, you will require experienced secretarial assistants who are well-versed and trained in various aspects of conducting research studies.

Part time doctoral students in West Bengal can get best PhD writing services in West Bengal by hiring research assistants or  Ph.D. research Assistant. They can get thesis questionnaire design service and get pilot study service or get entire PhD Thesis done.  Additionally for survey, disserationshelp4u can recruit research study participants and complete the process of PhD data collection. As a researcher, you need to independently spend more time to collect sufficient primary and secondary data in searching the multiple streams of information like surveys, the internet, legal documents and other published material sources. Get Research Assistant for MBA PhD writing, utilize multiple sources of evidence to find the most appropriate information for your research study.

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Student strategies for completing dissertation on time


Student strategies for completing dissertation on time

Over the years, #dissertationshelp4u have been talking to different international students. Student strategies for completing #dissertation on time is one such issue. Students are asking for help at different stages of dissertation and have found several issues plaguing them. So the team at #dissertationshelp4u has formulated a list of strategies after collating the problem which were the most often found in all the cases.

#Dissertationstrategy 1Meet your research supervisor/guide

So when you have been formally inducted into the PhD programme in the university, the first strategy as a researcher should be to meet with a prior appointment. This is crucial as the initial phase of meeting the guide/supervisor makes the ice melt, decide the agenda on both the minds, submitting the sketchy topics and discuss, laydown the chapter deadlines.

#Dissertationstrategy 2Topic choice is crucial

The researcher should be able to show the area of interest and share it with the research guide/supervisor. The scoping of the topic will be done and the supervisor will explain the feasibility of the dissertation in terms of the topic deadline achievability.


#Dissertationstrategy 3Start research first

The idea of the research should start with the researcher able to find out relevant literature review to know about the done part and gaps in that domain. It will help to frame the research proposal based on the literature review, rationale and problem statement before moving onto research methodology.

#Dissertationstrategy 4Work everyday an hour or two

The rule is to be engaged to the topic and not lose the touch as researching everyday will lead to reading and writing. This has to be grown into a habit which will help the progress of dissertation that will help submission to happen on time.

#Dissertationstrategy 5Meet/talk with advisor regularly 

The importance of the meeting the supervisor or guide in the initial phase of the dissertation is a must. The appropriate dissertation guidance and setting the direction at the beginning is needed. One can record the minutes of the meeting, take print out of the emails while making progress in the dissertations.

#Dissertationstrategy 6:  Document and record

It is advisable to document the interaction of the meeting and the committee in writing. This is a key issue in documenting is to keep the same frequency of communication and to see if feedback, critique, direction are in line with the main aims of the #dissertation.

#Dissertationstrategy 7Let family know

 #Research is a pain staking process over a period of time, and hence the people around the researcher should know about it. It is important that friends, families, neighbors should know about it. Their support till the end is needed in order to meet the life goal and expectations.

#Dissertationstrategy 8Take control

The researcher should be initiator in the dissertation, so taking the control in the start is a must. It is your topic and your research area which you have agreed to proceed. If at any point, there is ambiguity then the researcher can change to a new research supervisor.

#Dissertationstrategy 9Choosing #researchsupervisor

The researcher while choosing the supervisor should gauge if the researcher will be willing to bat for the research when defense comes up. So the ability and the willingness of the researcher though not written has to be ascertained if the cooperation factor does not arise.

#Dissertationstrategy 10Get #professionalhelp

 The researcher need to get the basics right as the content and criticality in the dissertation structure and chapters may be present, but it may need the final touch to make it happen. The expert help of the #dissertationprofessionalservices, can save your day for sailing it through finally. Student strategies for completing #dissertation on time, ends here.

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The article HOW TO FIND A GOOD RESEARCH TOPIC: Part II should be enough to clear your doubts about choosing a research topic for thesis and now it is up to you to read through and find gaps to come up with the research topic. has come up with the attributes of a good research topic that can be used as a check list by all university students.

Research capability: The feasibility factor of good research topic to achieve the outcomes of a research


  • ·       Is the research topic for your dissertation fascinates you as a researcher?
  • ·       Do you have the time in hand, learn necessary research skills to go ahead with the grey areas of dissertation topic?
  • ·       Is the research topic and its variables are understandable, and seems fine to frame out research aim, research objectives and research questions?
  • ·       Will the research issue will be hot when you finish your dissertation topic?
  • ·       Is the research topic financially feasible as per the resources that are available to you?
  • ·       Are you able to gain access to the prospective respondent group easily that is outlined in your research topic?

Appropriateness of the research topic:


  • ·       Does the research topic fits the specifications and meet the standards as per the university dissertation handbook guidelines?
  • ·       Is the research issue in the research topic pertinent to able to link theories and models?
  • ·       Is the research aim, objectives and questions are easily and clearly related?
  • ·       Will the research be able to show some fresh directions to a new discovery or test an existing phenomenon in different context?
  • ·       Does the research topic clearly relate to the idea which you initially had in your mind about a phenomenon, issue or any organisation?
  • ·       Do you feel that the outcomes of the findings of the dissertation is likely to be symmetrical?
  • ·       Does the research topic chosen in any way satisfies your area of interest, career in future?
  • HOW TO FIND A GOOD RESEARCH TOPIC: Part II ends here. So ping us, if you need help. 


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How to Identify the appropriate SCOPUS Journal/Publication

How to Identify the appropriate SCOPUS Journal/Publication

In order to identify the appropriate SCOPUS Journal/Publication, here are the steps. The primary goal of Masters or Graduate student, PhD/Doctoral, FPM (Fellow Program in Management), MPhil students is to publish their research work in SCOPUS journal. However, it requires good research to identify the list of SCOPUS papers indexed journals. This step is vital as the students need to identify right SCOPUS journal, to get maximum recognition that is necessary for the academic career. This requires the prominent domain experts in SCOPUS journals who can guide and help you to publish your journal. You also need to be aware, that blindly publishing your research paper in any journal or publication is not good. In the long term, your academic career needs to publish the best SCOPUS journal in shortest possible time and the way to go about is to seek SCOPUS journal writing services. Taking professional journal writing help from the research journal writing companies, is a timed decision to balance your academic work pressure, while we spread the word about your research work. We also help you to manage, your academic profile in social media sites using Personal branding in academic world, that increase your research journal to get noticed, and increases your chances of brighter future in career.

Lets visit the step One : – Rule one is that you need first to identify the most relevant and appropriate journal to their current field/subject of your research area of interest/study.     This is important as Scopus has numerous journals and publications listed as part of its master list that it has deemed to be authentic, reliable and of great quality.

Step Two – There are certain criteria that one must keep in mind when determining if a journal or publication that they have found on Scopus’ master list is the most relevant to their research and work, such as –

  • the number of readers/followers that a journal has created over the years,
  • the topics that a particular journal is known for covering,
  • the calibre of researchers who have their work published in the journal,
  • the opportunities that will be available as a result of getting your work published,
  • their reputation and popularity within your specific field/domain, and
  • whether the journal is an open-access journal or a close access one.


Step three-  You need seek professional help, when it comes to deciding between whether to choose one SCOPUS journal or choose another one.  You may not have access to all SCOPUS journal or an open-access journal to publish your work. Hence, if you contact us, we will check the nature of the SCOPUS journal and guide you in terms of writing a journal, check its plagiarism, or the referencing style, grammar or proofreading a research journal before the manuscript is ready for publication. Please remember we format the journal manuscript as per SCOPUS requirement for the authors, and that authors as well as co-authors, need to pay a processing fees in the event that SCOPUS journal accepts and publish their work.


Compose Your Research Paper As Per The Guidelines Of The Journal


Now that you have identified the perfect journal to have your research work published in that is sure to fetch you the attention and recognition that you require to –

further your standing in your profession,

gain recognition as a reputed researcher,

acquire critical funding to carry on your research work, and

obtain lucrative collaborative as well as career opportunities,

you should begin taking steps to ensure that your paper is edited and formatted in the best manner possible.

In order to do so, start by reading and gaining a concrete understanding of all the terms and conditions of the publication that you have determined to have your work published in.

Then proceed to check out all the previous issues of the publication and read through the papers that have been published therein and make note of the best papers.

Doing this in combination with acquiring a thorough understanding of the journal’s terms and conditions is bound to give you a fair idea of –

the format of all the papers published in the journal,

the preferred style/tone of writing,

how to accentuate your findings to make it appealing to readers.

This will help you make your research paper have the most impact those who read it as well as demonstrate to the publishers that you are someone who does your homework and prepare well.

In turn, by impressing them, you may be approached time and again by them to publish your work in their journal, which can lead to you becoming a regular feature on their publication.



Submitting Your research journal in SCOPUS


Upon preparing your paper completely to suit the format, style and voice of the journal that you have chosen to have your work published in, all that is left is to submit your completed paper.

Again a good and solid understanding of the journal’s terms and conditions will help you understand how to go about submitting your paper, because you will know exactly –

  • where to submit your paper,
  • when to submit it (deadlines for submission),
  • the required fees to pay before submission (if any), and
  • any other procedural necessities to follow before submission.

Most Scopus indexed journals involve following a simple online submission procedure for authors and co-authors to submit their work.

This involves inputting basic details including –

  • name,
  • email address,
  • their topic/subject of study,
  • the type of research that they have conducted,
  • the institution/university/company that they belong to,
  • their goal/objective for conducting their research, etc.

Submitting this information most often involves filling in a form, in which case, it is crucial that you make sure that all the information that you are entering is highly accurate and up-to-date.

This is important because any misinformation or mismatching details can lead to the reviewing committee of the journal (that is responsible for verifying the credibility, relevant and up-to-date every paper that is submitted before it is selected for publication) dismissing or rejecting your submission.

Having your research paper rejected or dismissed because of some minor misinformation in the details that you might have entered or a small error will mean you will have to go through the entire process all over again leading to a lot of wasted time and resources.



Notification Of Acceptance From Research Journal Publisher


Once your paper has been submitted all you have to do now is wait for the reviewing committee of the journal/publication to do their job, which takes anywhere from around five to thirty days (this period sometimes even takes up sixty days or two months), depending on the complexity of the work that you have published and how many pending submissions they have to verify.

After the reviewing committee has determined your research paper to meet all their standards and worthy of publication in their journal they will send you a notification stating that the review process is finished and your paper has been chosen for publication in their journal.

If your paper is rejected, it is important to move on and not be dejected, but instead, focus on where you went wrong and try to improve yourself the next time around. So you have a brief idea now, how to Identify the appropriate SCOPUS Journal/Publication.


Transferring Of Copyrights for research journal


The transfer of copyrights is an incredibly essential procedure for getting your research work published in a journal, as different journals/publications involve varying copyright procedures and rules.

This is another instance where reading and acquiring a concrete understanding of the terms and conditions of the journal comes into play, as doing so will help you realize in advance what the transferring of copyrights to the journal in question entails exactly.


Confirmation Of Your Paper Being Published


Now that the review process and transfer of copyrights to the publisher have been completed successfully, all that is left is for the publishers to actually publish your paper in their journal.

As soon as they do this, you are likely to receive a notification from the publishers stating that your paper was published along with other details including –

  •         in which issue it was published,
  •         if there were any changes made to it at the last minute, etc.

Many journals even offer a review period within which authors can choose to make edits to their papers as well as formatting changes in case they need to be made. How to Identify the appropriate SCOPUS Journal/Publication ends here. 


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