How to Identify the appropriate SCOPUS Journal/Publication

How to Identify the appropriate SCOPUS Journal/Publication

In order to identify the appropriate SCOPUS Journal/Publication, here are the steps. The primary goal of Masters or Graduate student, PhD/Doctoral, FPM (Fellow Program in Management), MPhil students is to publish their research work in SCOPUS journal. However, it requires good research to identify the list of SCOPUS papers indexed journals. This step is vital as the students need to identify right SCOPUS journal, to get maximum recognition that is necessary for the academic career. This requires the prominent domain experts in SCOPUS journals who can guide and help you to publish your journal. You also need to be aware, that blindly publishing your research paper in any journal or publication is not good. In the long term, your academic career needs to publish the best SCOPUS journal in shortest possible time and the way to go about is to seek SCOPUS journal writing services. Taking professional journal writing help from the research journal writing companies, is a timed decision to balance your academic work pressure, while we spread the word about your research work. We also help you to manage, your academic profile in social media sites using Personal branding in academic world, that increase your research journal to get noticed, and increases your chances of brighter future in career.

Lets visit the step One : – Rule one is that you need first to identify the most relevant and appropriate journal to their current field/subject of your research area of interest/study.     This is important as Scopus has numerous journals and publications listed as part of its master list that it has deemed to be authentic, reliable and of great quality.

Step Two – There are certain criteria that one must keep in mind when determining if a journal or publication that they have found on Scopus’ master list is the most relevant to their research and work, such as –

  • the number of readers/followers that a journal has created over the years,
  • the topics that a particular journal is known for covering,
  • the calibre of researchers who have their work published in the journal,
  • the opportunities that will be available as a result of getting your work published,
  • their reputation and popularity within your specific field/domain, and
  • whether the journal is an open-access journal or a close access one.


Step three-  You need seek professional help, when it comes to deciding between whether to choose one SCOPUS journal or choose another one.  You may not have access to all SCOPUS journal or an open-access journal to publish your work. Hence, if you contact us, we will check the nature of the SCOPUS journal and guide you in terms of writing a journal, check its plagiarism, or the referencing style, grammar or proofreading a research journal before the manuscript is ready for publication. Please remember we format the journal manuscript as per SCOPUS requirement for the authors, and that authors as well as co-authors, need to pay a processing fees in the event that SCOPUS journal accepts and publish their work.


Compose Your Research Paper As Per The Guidelines Of The Journal


Now that you have identified the perfect journal to have your research work published in that is sure to fetch you the attention and recognition that you require to –

further your standing in your profession,

gain recognition as a reputed researcher,

acquire critical funding to carry on your research work, and

obtain lucrative collaborative as well as career opportunities,

you should begin taking steps to ensure that your paper is edited and formatted in the best manner possible.

In order to do so, start by reading and gaining a concrete understanding of all the terms and conditions of the publication that you have determined to have your work published in.

Then proceed to check out all the previous issues of the publication and read through the papers that have been published therein and make note of the best papers.

Doing this in combination with acquiring a thorough understanding of the journal’s terms and conditions is bound to give you a fair idea of –

the format of all the papers published in the journal,

the preferred style/tone of writing,

how to accentuate your findings to make it appealing to readers.

This will help you make your research paper have the most impact those who read it as well as demonstrate to the publishers that you are someone who does your homework and prepare well.

In turn, by impressing them, you may be approached time and again by them to publish your work in their journal, which can lead to you becoming a regular feature on their publication.



Submitting Your research journal in SCOPUS


Upon preparing your paper completely to suit the format, style and voice of the journal that you have chosen to have your work published in, all that is left is to submit your completed paper.

Again a good and solid understanding of the journal’s terms and conditions will help you understand how to go about submitting your paper, because you will know exactly –

  • where to submit your paper,
  • when to submit it (deadlines for submission),
  • the required fees to pay before submission (if any), and
  • any other procedural necessities to follow before submission.

Most Scopus indexed journals involve following a simple online submission procedure for authors and co-authors to submit their work.

This involves inputting basic details including –

  • name,
  • email address,
  • their topic/subject of study,
  • the type of research that they have conducted,
  • the institution/university/company that they belong to,
  • their goal/objective for conducting their research, etc.

Submitting this information most often involves filling in a form, in which case, it is crucial that you make sure that all the information that you are entering is highly accurate and up-to-date.

This is important because any misinformation or mismatching details can lead to the reviewing committee of the journal (that is responsible for verifying the credibility, relevant and up-to-date every paper that is submitted before it is selected for publication) dismissing or rejecting your submission.

Having your research paper rejected or dismissed because of some minor misinformation in the details that you might have entered or a small error will mean you will have to go through the entire process all over again leading to a lot of wasted time and resources.



Notification Of Acceptance From Research Journal Publisher


Once your paper has been submitted all you have to do now is wait for the reviewing committee of the journal/publication to do their job, which takes anywhere from around five to thirty days (this period sometimes even takes up sixty days or two months), depending on the complexity of the work that you have published and how many pending submissions they have to verify.

After the reviewing committee has determined your research paper to meet all their standards and worthy of publication in their journal they will send you a notification stating that the review process is finished and your paper has been chosen for publication in their journal.

If your paper is rejected, it is important to move on and not be dejected, but instead, focus on where you went wrong and try to improve yourself the next time around. So you have a brief idea now, how to Identify the appropriate SCOPUS Journal/Publication.


Transferring Of Copyrights for research journal


The transfer of copyrights is an incredibly essential procedure for getting your research work published in a journal, as different journals/publications involve varying copyright procedures and rules.

This is another instance where reading and acquiring a concrete understanding of the terms and conditions of the journal comes into play, as doing so will help you realize in advance what the transferring of copyrights to the journal in question entails exactly.


Confirmation Of Your Paper Being Published


Now that the review process and transfer of copyrights to the publisher have been completed successfully, all that is left is for the publishers to actually publish your paper in their journal.

As soon as they do this, you are likely to receive a notification from the publishers stating that your paper was published along with other details including –

  •         in which issue it was published,
  •         if there were any changes made to it at the last minute, etc.

Many journals even offer a review period within which authors can choose to make edits to their papers as well as formatting changes in case they need to be made. How to Identify the appropriate SCOPUS Journal/Publication ends here. 


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