The puzzle of finding an apt #dissertationtopic that interests you and also gets approval from the professor is a huge challenge for international students. HOW TO FIND A GOOD RESEARCH TOPIC: PART 1, Read below . The issue in business management is related to the real world problems or issues and are usually finding its way out as pertinent dissertation topics. So if you are undertaking a course where it requires you to submit an end term dissertation, you need to start working on it without any delay. This helps to build a rapport with the #universityprofessor and understand which type of dissertation prevails as per particular university norms. It definitely need to meet the domain or subject area and also meet the university examining body rules and requirements. Ideally a research topic should be able to address a issue or a research problem and should be able to focus on independent variables and dependent variables in research subject area context. Some universities however have different norms, as a particular university will allow a student to collect the research data on their own, while the other university will want the research to be based on already collected data.

Professors advice that the research topic for a dissertation topic must be within the domain area already taught, and that which the university student is capable of taking up, which excites the student’s thought process. Defining university #studentcapability it can be considered in a variety of ways, where the student at personal level need to feel comfortable with existing knowledge level or show interest in developing skills and motivation to learn more about it. It is assumed that the university student will develop research skills as a part of the university curriculum for completing dissertation. Professors want that the student while narrowing down on the choice of #dissertationtopic should have a genuine interest in it. This is because the dissertation can be spread over couple of weeks or months and the student hence need to drive it as per motivation level and as per #researchstages. So a vague topic that is hot in the market with shady knowledge level will likely to get stuck in the middle. So rather research students should try to choose from the areas which interests and also has the thirst to know more.

Interestingly, in executing the dissertation there are other factors like time and finance which ultimately defines the student’s capability in meeting the university #dissertationdeadline. Therefore there can be research topics which requires extensive travel and test the financial resources a student have or the required number of sample size to be covered in due time. Capability of the student can also depend on how well the data collection procedure is organised. This is not easy as it seems, as research primary data is key to the reliability of the proposed #researchprocess, however, the sensitivity factor or a #researchtopic will challenge the managers of a firm not to divulge information. So the scope of research will not be met, as though the topic is fascinating but discussing these elements with the professors will help the student to understand the accessibility factor of managers for a sensitive topic.

Professors also point out that relating the class lectures will help students to understand the relevant #models and #theories in the research subject area. This is a huge bonus as it is likely to be asked in the examination, while the research literature review will help to discover more about the related empirical studies. A known area of already studied material will ease the research topic dilemma and a good research topic can be simple, relating two variables in the relevant context. The most common recommended method is to go through literature review to find the gaps in the proposed topic and be able to frame out the research questions and research questions. 

Distractions are bound to happen, as temptations from batchmates and gaining fresh insights are likely to puzzle the student. It is a nightmare for many students as the point is that post dissertation there can be #dissertationvivavoce and #dissertationpresentation which is also challenge if the topic is new. If the issue is fresh and hot, the student needs to ensure that substantial research about the company, the research issue and literature review should already have been done. It is important as the results of the dissertation findings should be explainable by the student and if the symmetry of outcomes and #literaturereview is not done, then the student is likely to score less marks. Lastly the choice of research path and methodology is important and not the topic when we argue about the course and your career. Therefore if it’s a research job or teaching position you are looking for then fundamentals should be clear, while a #researchtopic chosen which will help you to get a plush job in a company should show applicability and testing issues element in your research topic. HOW TO FIND A GOOD RESEARCH TOPIC: PART 1

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