Python Assignment Help

Python Assignment Help

Python Assignment Help

Hey Dissertationshelp4u family! We all know the struggles of academic life, and navigating the treacherous terrains of coding assignments can be particularly daunting. Especially when Python, that powerful yet sometimes perplexing language, is involved. Fear not, fellow wordsmiths and aspiring programmers! Today, we’re diving into the world of Python assignment help, exploring practical tips and resources to guide you through those coding conundrums with confidence. Let’s read our blog “Python Assignment Help“.

Why Python? Why the struggle?

Python’s popularity isn’t a mere fad. Its versatility, readability, and vast library of tools make it a go-to for diverse fields, from data science to web development. But mastering its syntax and logic isn’t always a walk in the park. Complex algorithms, debugging dilemmas, and tight deadlines can turn even the most enthusiastic coders into frazzled wrecks.

So, is seeking Python assignment help cheating? Absolutely not! Remember, learning is a journey, not a destination. Seeking guidance, whether from online resources, communities, or even professional tutors, can be a valuable stepping stone in your coding evolution. Think of it as asking for directions on a challenging hike – you’re still doing the legwork, but with a little help, you’ll reach the summit with a greater understanding and newfound confidence.

Where to find the Python help you need:

  • Online communities: Platforms like Stack Overflow and Reddit’s r/learnpython are bustling hubs of programmers willing to offer advice and insights. Don’t shy away from asking specific questions – the supportive community thrives on helping each other out.
  • Open-source tutorials and documentation: The Python world is full of freely available resources like the official docs, interactive tutorials, and code repositories on GitHub. Explore these treasure troves to find tailored explanations and practical examples that resonate with your specific assignments.
  • Educational tools and platforms: Websites like HackerRank and Codecademy offer interactive exercises and gamified learning experiences, making the process of honing your Python skills engaging and rewarding.
  • Professional Python tutors: When you need that extra push, consider enlisting the help of a professional Python tutor. They can personalize their approach to your specific needs, providing clear explanations, debugging assistance, and tailored guidance to conquer those challenging assignments.

Remember, Dissertationshelp4u family:

  • Focus on learning, not just answers. While seeking help is encouraged, always strive to understand the underlying concepts and logic. This knowledge will prove invaluable not only for assignments but also for your future coding endeavors.
  • Practice makes perfect. Don’t just passively consume information. Actively code, experiment, and test your understanding. The more you practice, the more comfortable and confident you’ll become with Python.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether it’s a fellow student, a friendly online community, or a professional tutor, reaching out for assistance is a sign of strength, not weakness. We’re all in this learning journey together!

So, the next time you face a Python assignment with trepidation, remember you’re not alone. Take advantage of the wealth of resources available, seek guidance when needed, and most importantly, embrace the learning process. With dedication and a little help from friends (and Python experts!), you’ll conquer those coding canyons and emerge a stronger, more confident programmer.

Happy coding, Dissertationshelp4u family!

P.S. Remember, we’re always here to help with your dissertation writing needs, too! So if you need a break from Python (or just want to focus on the bigger picture), don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of expert writers. We’ll gladly guide you through the dissertation jungle with the same care and expertise we advocate for your Python quests.

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Write My MBA Research Proposal London

Write My MBA Research Proposal London

Write My MBA Research Proposal London

Ah, London, the city of Big Ben, fish and chips, and… gulp MBA research proposals? For any aspiring business leader scaling the academic heights of a London MBA, the research proposal looms large. It’s the gateway to your dissertation, the first (and arguably most crucial) step in your academic journey. Fear not, future business titans, for DissertationHelp4u is here to guide you through the London labyrinth of research proposals! Let’s read our blog “Write My MBA Research Proposal London“.

Why London? Why Research Proposals?

London, a vibrant hub of business and innovation, offers a plethora of top-notch MBA programs. But with such competition, your research proposal needs to stand out. It’s your chance to showcase your intellect, research skills, and, most importantly, your potential to contribute to the vast ocean of business knowledge.

Climbing the Pyramid: A Framework for your Proposal

  1. The Hook: Grab your reader’s attention with a compelling introduction. Briefly introduce your topic, highlighting its significance and the gap you’re aiming to fill. Think of it as your elevator pitch!
  2. Literature Landscape: Paint a picture of the existing research around your topic. Show how you’ll build upon it, challenge it, or fill the blank spaces others have missed. Remember, it’s not just about knowing stuff, it’s about knowing where your stuff fits in.
  3. Methodology Maze: Unravel the path you’ll take to answer your research question. Will you be surveying London’s bustling streets, diving into corporate databases, or conducting in-depth interviews with industry giants? Explain your plan clearly and confidently.
  4. Timeline & Budget: Navigate the financial and timeframe jungle with a realistic plan. Be specific about deadlines, research costs, and any resource needs. Remember, feasibility is key!
  5. The Summit: Wrap it up with a concise summary, reiterating your contribution and leaving your reader eager to see the full-fledged dissertation.

DissertationHelp4u: Your Sherpa on the Proposal Peak

We, at DissertationHelp4u, know the London academic terrain like the back of our hand. Whether you’re grappling with choosing a topic, refining your methodology, or simply want a second pair of eyes on your draft, we’re here to help. We offer expert guidance, insightful feedback, and editing services tailored to your needs and deadlines.

Remember, your MBA research proposal is not just a hurdle, it’s a springboard. It’s your chance to shape your academic experience, delve into a topic that ignites your passion, and stand out from the London crowd. So, grab your research compass, climb that proposal mountain, and let DissertationHelp4u be your guide!

P.S. Don’t forget to include a call to action in your blog! Encourage readers to reach out to DissertationHelp4u for their London MBA research proposal needs. Offer a free consultation or a special London-themed discount to make your offer even more tempting.

Remember, this is just a starting point. Feel free to add your own insights, tips, and personal experiences to make the blog even more engaging and informative for your target audience.

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PhD Proposal-Writing Service in HRM

PhD Proposal-Writing Service in HRM

PhD Proposal-Writing Service in HRM

The human resource landscape is a complex maze, full of intricate relationships, shifting trends, and evolving employee needs. Navigating this labyrinth to your PhD research summit requires a clear map and expert guidance. That’s where Dissertationshelp4u steps in, your trusted navigator on this exhilarating academic journey.

Why HRM Needs a Sharp Focus:

From talent acquisition to employee engagement, the world of HR offers a plethora of research avenues. Choosing your niche within this multifaceted domain can be overwhelming. Dissertationshelp4u’s team of seasoned HR scholars understands this dilemma. We act as your compass, helping you hone your research topic, ensuring its originality, relevance, and feasibility. We delve into your passion, industry trends, and existing research gaps, guiding you towards a focused, impactful research question that tackles a crucial HR challenge.

Building a Robust Proposal, Brick by Brick:

A persuasive PhD proposal in HR isn’t just about words on a page; it’s a meticulously constructed bridge leading to your groundbreaking research. Dissertationshelp4u provides unwavering support for each critical element:

  • Introduction: We help you capture your committee’s attention from the get-go, highlighting the HR problem you’ll illuminate and its broader implications.
  • Literature Review: We navigate the academic ocean, ensuring your review is comprehensive, critical, and positions your research within the current discourse on HR theory and practice.
  • Methodology: We walk you through crafting a robust research design, outlining data collection methods, analysis techniques, and ethical considerations specific to your chosen HR domain.
  • Timeline and Budget: We help you create a realistic and feasible plan for your research journey, ensuring efficient resource allocation and timely progress.
  • References and Formatting: We ensure your citations adhere to impeccable academic standards and format your proposal to perfection, reflecting the professionalism of your research.

Beyond the Proposal: Your HR Research Ally:

Dissertationshelp4u’s commitment extends beyond crafting a winning proposal. We provide ongoing support throughout your research journey, offering expert guidance on data analysis, literature review updates, and manuscript development. We’re your trusted sounding board, helping you navigate the academic landscape with confidence and address any HR-specific challenges that may arise.

Focus on Your Breakthrough, Let Dissertationshelp4u Pave the Path:

Your PhD journey in HR is a personal Mount Everest, and your research proposal is the first challenging ascent. Don’t go it alone. Let Dissertationshelp4u be your sherpa, providing the expertise and support you need to reach the summit and make a significant contribution to the field of HR. Contact us today and take the first step towards conquering your HR PhD.

Embrace the challenge, refine your vision, and conquer your HR PhD summit with Dissertationshelp4u. Your research breakthrough awaits!

This blog post is just a starting point. Feel free to modify it to reflect your company’s specific services, expertise, and unique value proposition. Consider adding testimonials from satisfied clients who specialize in HR research and relevant statistics about the success rate of your services for HR-related proposals.

Remember, the key is to showcase your expertise in HR research and highlight how Dissertationshelp4u can empower aspiring PhDs to write winning proposals and embark on impactful research journeys in the fascinating world of human resources.

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Supply Chain Dissertation Help

Supply Chain Dissertation Help

Supply Chain Dissertation Help

The world of supply chains is a fascinating and intricate one. It’s a delicate dance of raw materials, production processes, transportation, and distribution, all working in harmony to deliver goods to consumers. But for students tackling a supply chain dissertation, this intricate dance can quickly become a maddening tango. Fear not, logistics scholars! This blog post is your sherpa, guiding you through the treacherous terrain of supply chain research and toward dissertation success.

Charting Your Course: Choosing a Compelling Topic

The first step in your supply chain dissertation journey is selecting a captivating topic. Think of it as your trusty compass, guiding you through the labyrinth of research. Here are some tips to find your academic North Star:

  • Personal Passions: Are you passionate about sustainability in logistics, blockchain technology in supply chain management, or the impact of e-commerce on global trade? Aligning your topic with your interests fuels intrinsic motivation, making the research journey more enjoyable.
  • Trending Tides: Dive into the latest trends in supply chains! Is there a specific innovation disrupting the industry? Has a recent geopolitical event exposed vulnerabilities in global trade? Tapping into contemporary issues adds relevance and depth to your work.
  • Filling the Gaps: Identify research gaps within your chosen area. Perhaps a specific supply chain practice hasn’t been thoroughly explored, or existing studies lack a certain perspective. Filling these gaps can make your dissertation a valuable contribution to the field.

Gathering Your Provisions: Research and Analysis

Once you’ve chosen your topic, it’s time to gather your research provisions. Stock your intellectual pantry with academic journals, industry reports, and case studies. Interview supply chain professionals, conduct surveys, and analyze real-world data like a seasoned explorer. Remember:

  • Credible Sources: Steer clear of murky waters like biased blogs or personal opinions. Stick to reputable academic sources and official reports for reliable information.
  • Diverse Perspectives: Don’t get trapped in an echo chamber! Seek out research from various viewpoints to ensure your analysis is well-rounded and nuanced.
  • Critical Thinking: Question everything! Don’t simply accept information at face value. Analyze data, identify biases, and draw your conclusions based on evidence.

Building Your Shelter: Writing and Structure

With your research gathered, it’s time to construct your academic shelter: the dissertation itself. Structure your work like a sturdy warehouse, providing both organization and clarity:

  • A Compelling Introduction: Capture your reader’s attention with a clear introduction that outlines your topic, research question, and thesis statement. Think of it as your inviting storefront, drawing readers into your intellectual marketplace.
  • Strong Body Paragraphs: Each paragraph should be like a neatly stacked pallet, supporting your thesis with evidence and analysis. Use clear arguments, logical flow, and relevant examples to keep your readers engaged.
  • A Watertight Conclusion: Tie up loose ends and reiterate your key findings in a concise conclusion. Leave your readers with a thought-provoking reflection on the implications of your research, like a secure lockbox protecting the valuable insights you’ve unearthed.

Reaching the Delivery Point: Additional Tips for Supply Chain Dissertation Success

Remember, even the most seasoned logistics managers need a little help sometimes. Here are some additional tips to ensure you reach the delivery point of dissertation success:

  • Seek Guidance: Don’t be afraid to ask for help from professors, mentors, or academic writing centers. They can provide invaluable feedback and support throughout your journey.
  • Time Management: Chart your course with a timeline and stick to it! Divide your research and writing into manageable tasks to avoid last-minute shipping delays.
  • Celebrate Milestones: Acknowledge your progress and reward yourself for reaching milestones. A little self-appreciation can go a long way in keeping you motivated in the long haul.

Bonus Resources for Supply Chain Dissertation Explorers:

Now, go forth, intrepid supply chain scholar! With these tips and the right tools, your dissertation can be an enriching journey. Remember, the satisfaction of delivering a well-researched and insightful dissertation is worth every ounce of effort. So, fire up your research engines, optimize your writing workflow, and navigate the tangled threads of supply chain commerce with confidence!

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Research proposal help in public administration

Research Proposal writing help public administration

Research Proposal writing help public administration


In the ever-evolving world of public administration, Research Proposal writing help public administration where navigating complex policies, engaging diverse stakeholders, and driving impactful change are the norm, effective communication reigns supreme. This is where Research Proposal writing help public administration emerges as a vital tool for students of public administration, empowering them to:

  1. Distill Complexity and Spark Action:

Public administration often deals with intricate regulations, datasets, and nuanced policy proposals. A well-crafted Research Proposal can effectively break down these complexities into clear, actionable insights, enabling stakeholders to grasp the essence of a policy, program, or issue and spur action toward positive outcomes.

  1. Bridge the Communication Gap between Policy and the Public:

Public policy can often feel inaccessible to the public due to its technical language and bureaucratic processes. Research Proposal writing allows public administrators to translate policy initiatives into understandable language, fostering public engagement, informing citizens, and building trust in government institutions.

  1. Drive Data-Driven Decision-Making:

Public administration thrives on evidence-based decision-making. Research Proposal writing empowers administrators to analyze vast data sets, identify key trends and insights, and present them in a digestible format. This data-driven approach allows for informed policy decisions, resource allocation, and program evaluation.

  1. Foster Collaboration and Alignment:

Successful public service requires seamless collaboration between departments, agencies, and stakeholders. Research Proposal writing provides a common language for sharing information, progress updates, and potential challenges. This transparency facilitates trust, aligns teams toward common goals, and ensures everyone is on the same page.

  1. Hone Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills:

Crafting an impactful Research Proposal is not just about summarizing information; it requires critical analysis, identifying root causes, and prioritizing key points. This constant exercise strengthens a public administrator’s ability to think critically, analyze data, and identify potential risks and opportunities within the complex landscape of public policy and administration.

Beyond the Basics: Mastering the Art of Public Administration Synopsis

To truly excel at writing impactful public administration synopsis, consider these tips:

  • Focus on the “so what”: Don’t just present data or policy details; explain their implications and significance for the public, government agencies, or the overall effectiveness of public service.
  • Tailor your language to your audience: Avoid technical jargon unless explaining it is necessary. Use concise and familiar language to ensure your message resonates with diverse stakeholders.
  • Utilize storytelling elements: Weave relatable anecdotes or case studies into your Research Proposal to make complex topics more engaging and memorable.
  • Quantify the impact: Whenever possible, use data and metrics to quantify the potential benefits or challenges of a policy or program, adding credibility and strengthening your case.
  • Practice and refine: Writing impactful synopses takes practice. Seek feedback from colleagues and mentors, experiment with different formats, and continuously refine your skills to craft compelling summaries.


In the dynamic world of public administration, Research Proposal writing is not just a skill; it’s a critical tool for success. By mastering this art, students in public administrator can navigate complexities with clarity, communicate effectively, drive data-driven decisions, and ultimately, contribute to building a more efficient, responsive, and impactful public service for all. Remember, in the pursuit of positive public change, a well-written Research Proposal writing help public administration can be the difference between missed opportunities and achieving meaningful progress.


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Research Proposal help MBA Finance

Research Proposal Writing Help MBA Finance

Research Proposal Writing Help MBA Finance

Welcome to the ultimate guide on “Research Proposal Writing Help MBA Finance.” Crafting an impactful Finance Research Proposal for your MBA finance project is more than just a requirement; it’s an opportunity to showcase your research skills and academic prowess. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the nuances of Finance Research Proposal writing, from understanding its importance to mastering the art of creating a compelling and plagiarism free document.

Introduction to Research Proposal Writing Help MBA Finance

Research Proposal writing in the context of MBA finance involves summarizing the key elements of your research project in a concise and structured manner. It serves as a roadmap for your work, providing a glimpse into the depth and significance of your study.

Importance of Research Proposal in MBA Finance

A well-crafted Finance Research Proposal goes beyond fulfilling academic obligations. It is a testament to your ability to articulate complex ideas, demonstrate analytical thinking, and set the stage for a comprehensive research endeavor.

Structure of a Good Research Proposal in MBA finance

A successful Research Proposal in MBA finance comprises essential elements, including a clear problem statement, research objectives, methodology, expected outcomes, and a brief literature review. Each component of finance proposal plays a crucial role in presenting a holistic view of your future finance research.

Crafting a Compelling Title

The title of your Research Proposal is the first interaction a reader has with your work. Make it engaging, informative, and keyword-rich to capture the essence of your research and optimize search engine visibility.

Understanding MBA Finance Requirements

Align your Research Proposal with the specific requirements of MBA finance. Familiarize yourself with academic standards, citation styles, and formatting guidelines to ensure your work meets the expected criteria.

Research Proposal Writing Process

Navigate through the Research Proposal writing process in Finance, with our step-by-step guide. From conceptualization to finalization, each stage is crucial for developing a coherent and impactful document.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Learn from the pitfalls others have encountered. Avoid common mistakes such as vague objectives, inadequate literature reviews, and inconsistency in formatting to elevate the quality of your finance Research Proposal.

Tips for Effective Formatting

The visual presentation of your Research Proposal in finance matters. Explore tips on font selection, overall structure, and adhering to specified length requirements for a polished and professional document.

Incorporating LSI Keywords

Enhance the visibility of your Research Proposal by seamlessly integrating Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords. This strategic approach optimizes your content for search engines without compromising its quality.

Showcasing Expertise

Impress your readers with industry-relevant insights. Demonstrate your expertise by incorporating real-world examples, case studies, and relevant statistics to enrich the content of your finance Research Proposal.

Examples of Successful Synopses

Learn from the best. Explore examples of successful synopses that have garnered attention and recognition. Understand the commonalities and unique approaches that contribute to their effectiveness.

Impact of a Well-Written Research Proposal

A well-crafted Research Proposal finance for MBA degree can significantly impact your academic profile. Discover how a meticulously written document can elevate your standing among peers and faculty members.

Addressing Common Concerns

Overcome the hurdles of writer’s block and uncertainty. Address common concerns in Research Proposal writing help in PhD Finance, providing practical solutions to keep your project on track.

The Role of Clarity and Conciseness

Effective communication is key. Strike the right balance between technicality and accessibility to ensure that your Research Proposal is comprehensible to a diverse audience.

Balancing Technicality and Accessibility

Cater to the varied backgrounds of your readers. Strike a balance between technical language of finance world and accessibility to create a PhD Research Proposal writing help that resonates with both experts and non-experts.

Commonly Asked Questions on MBA finance research proposal:

Can I include personal experiences in my MBA finance Research Proposal?

Absolutely! Personal experiences can add a unique perspective to your Research Proposal writing help, showcasing your approach and insights.

How long should a Research Proposal be for an MBA finance project?

While guidelines may vary, aim for conciseness. A typical Research Proposal ranges from 500 to 1000 words, ensuring clarity and focus.

Is it necessary to include a literature review in the Research Proposal?

Yes, a brief literature review provides context and demonstrates your awareness of existing research in the field.

Should I use technical jargon in my Research Proposal?

Use technical terms judiciously. Ensure that your language is accessible to a broader audience while maintaining academic rigor.

How can I make my Research Proposal stand out?

Craft a compelling title, focus on clarity, and present a unique angle or contribution to the field to make your finance Research Proposal memorable.

Can I seek feedback on my finance Research Proposal before finalizing it?

Absolutely. Seek input from peers, mentors, or professors to refine and improve your Research Proposal writing before submission.

Choosing the Right Tone

Maintain a formal academic tone and academic citations throughout your MBA finance Research Proposal. Balance professionalism with clarity to convey your ideas effectively.

Crafting a Click-Worthy Short Title

The title is your first opportunity to capture attention. Craft a short title that intrigues and informs, setting the tone for the quality of your Research Proposal.

The Essence of Keywords

Optimizing your Research Proposal writing help is crucial. Strategically place keywords like “Research Proposal Writing Help MBA Finance” to enhance reach a broader audience.

Incorporating Transitional Phrases

Ensure a seamless flow of ideas by incorporating transitional phrases. Guide your readers from one section to the next, maintaining a logical progression throughout your Research Proposal writing stages.

Leveraging External Resources

Enhance the credibility of your Research Proposal writing by citing external resources. Provide references to reputable sources, adding depth and authority to your research.


In conclusion, mastering the art of Research Proposal writing for MBA finance is a valuable skill that goes beyond academic requirements. Elevate your research profile, communicate effectively, and leave a lasting impression with a well-crafted and academic protocols maintained as per University requirements in the Research Proposal.





Job Vacancy for MBA academic writers

Job Vacancy for MBA academic writers

Here is the Job Vacancy for MBA academic writers Kolkata,

number of Vacancy =2

Roles and Responsibilities

Dissertationshelp4U are currently seeking experienced MBA academic writers to join our team in Kolkata office. The position is for full-time Academic Writer.

Job Description of MBA academic writers are required to:

Possess thorough knowledge of the specialized field (marketing+hrm+operations+supplychain+projectmanagement) and write the research materials according to client needs.

Assist clients in understanding the requirements of their projects .
Conduct both primary and secondary academic research to meet the research needs of the clients
Write per day work allocated.
Show intention and ability to learn new academic skills after first 3months of joining.

Desired Candidate Profile:

MBA(marketing/hrm/operations/supplychain/projectmanagement), dual degree, double masters candidates will be preferred.

Candidates should have 55-60% above in Bachelors and Masters degree.
Only ICSE school candidates (convent) with over 80% percentile need to apply.
Must have a knowledge of MS Office- Excel, Word, Power Point
zero plagiarised work for the clients.
Knows about Harvard/APA/MLA/Chicago referencing style
Typing speed >30wpm (error free)
Candidates should have good command over MBA specialisation subject.
Must have good communication skills, both written and spoken.

MBA academic writers-Perks and Benefits

Monthly Incentives apart from fixed pay.
Annual 360 performance appraisal
Year end Incentives.
One-day Work from Home (WFH) once in a week (SAT) after 2 months of joining.
Training & Probation period will be for one week.
Performance based Promotion

Salary:– INR 14k-16k monthly Fixed CTC + Performance Based Incentives

Academic writing Job Location: Kolkata

Role: Research & Development – Other
Industry Type: Education / Training
Department: Research & Development
Employment Type: Full Time, Permanent
Role Category: Research & Development – Other
Education : Bachelors (any), PG: MBA/PGDM (full time)/MA English/MA mass comm

Job Vacancy for MBA academic writers in Kolkata.

EMAIL CV for applying to MBA academic writing position in Kolkata : 

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Research Paper Writing Services India

Research Paper Writing Services India

If you are looking for Research Paper Writing Services India, you have come to the right place. We take urgent orders on academic writing services India. There are many academic writing companies in India but you need to know who will be able to write research paper that gets acceptance in SCOPUS journal?

Get best PhD paper Writers in India

Hire the best PhD paper Writers in India, as you need to make sure that your PhD career needs a boost with thesis writing workload and also publish in renowned journals. We as a team of PhD scholars offer Indian UGC journal writing services. There is research journal publishing services India and conference paper writing help India, as each of these are custom made and plagiarism free. Do you know how research papers are written for PhD or for international conference paper? Research journals are written from thesis objectives, and each of these research objectives in your PhD thesis can be turned into either research journal or a conference paper.

Urgent research paper writing available

If you require urgent services , then PhD research scholars need to search for professional research paper writing services in India. Most probably your PhD is at the last stage or your university then get help in publish a research paper. Typical questions PhD scholars ask are How to publish research paper in PhD? How can I publish in UGC journal during PhD? How can I publish in SCOPUS? Therefore, apart from PhD conference paper writing help  India, we offer PhD article writing services near me.

GET Research Paper Writing Services India now!


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How to Write a Good Concluding Paragraph in research

How to Write a Good Concluding Paragraph in research

Like a good story, a good research output should not stop in the middle. How to Write a Good Concluding Paragraph in research. It should have a satisfying conclusion, one that gives the reader a sense of completion on the subject. Don’t allow your essay to drop off or fade out at the end—instead, use the concluding paragraph to emphasize the validity and importance of your thinking. Remember that  the concluding paragraph is your last chance to convince the reader. (As one cynical but realistic student pointed out, the conclusion may be the last part of your essay the
teacher reads before putting a grade on your paper.) Therefore, make your conclusion count.

Ideas for writing your dissertation conclusions:

1. A summary of the thesis and the essay’s major points (most useful in long essays) -The destruction of the rain forests must be stopped. Although developers protest that they are bringing much-needed financial aid into these traditionally poverty-stricken areas, no amount of money can compensate for what is being lost. Without the rain forests, we are not only contributing to the global warming of the entire planet, we are losing indigenous trees and plants that might someday provide new medicines or vaccines for diseases. Moreover, the replacement of indigenous peoples with corporation-run ranches robs the world of cultural diversity. For the sake of the planet’s well-being, Project Rainforest should be
2. An evaluation of the importance of the essay’s subject -These amazing, controversial photographs of the comet will continue to be the subject of debate because, according to some scientists, they yield the most important clues yet revealed about the origins of our universe.
3. A statement of the essay’s broader implications- Because these studies of feline leukemia may someday play a crucial role in the discovery of a cure for AIDS in human beings, the experiments, as expensive as they are, must continue.
4. A recommendation or call to action -The specific details surrounding the death of World War II hero Raoul Wallenberg are still unknown. Although Russia has recently admitted—after fifty years of denial—that Wallenberg was murdered by the KGB in 1947, such a confession is not enough. We must write our congressional representatives today urging their support for the new Swedish commission investigating the circumstances of
his death. No hero deserves less.
5. A warning based on the essay’s thesis- Understanding the politics that led to the destruction of Hiroshima is essential for all Americans—indeed, for all the world’s peoples. Without such knowledge, the frightful possibility exists that somewhere, sometime, someone might drop
the bomb again.

A quotation from an authority or someone whose insight emphasizes the main point Even though I didn’t win the fiction contest, I learned so much about my own powers of creativity. I’m proud that I pushed myself in new directions. I know now I will always agree with Herman Melville, whose writing was unappreciated in his own time, that “it is better to struggle with originality than to succeed in imitation.”

7. An anecdote or brief example that emphasizes or sums up the point of the essay Bette Davis’s role on and off the screen as the catty, wisecracking woman of steel helped make her an enduring star. After all, no audience, past or present, could ever resist a dame who drags on a cigarette and then mutters about a passing starlet, “There goes a good time that was had by all.”
8. An image or description that lends finality to the essay As the last of the Big Screen’s giant ants are incinerated by the army scientist, one can almost hear the movie audiences of the 1950s breathing a collective sigh of relief, secure in the knowledge that once again the threat of nuclear
radiation had been vanquished by the efforts of the U.S. military.
(◆ For another last image that captures the essence of an essay, see the “open house” scene that concludes “To Bid the World Farewell,” page 222.)
9. A rhetorical question that makes the readers think about the essay’s main point No one wants to see hostages put in danger. But what nation can afford to let terrorists know they can get away with blackmail?
10. A forecast based on the research thesis – Soap operas will continue to be popular not only because they distract us from our daily chores but also because they present life as we want it to be: fast-paced, glamorous, and full of exciting characters.

11. An ironic twist, witticism, pun, or playful use of words (often more appropriate in lighthearted essays) After analyzing and understanding the causes of my procrastination, I now feel better, more determined to change my behavior. In fact, I’ve decided that today is the day for decisive action! I will choose a major! Hmmmm . . . or maybe not. I need to think about it some more. I’ll get back to you, okay? Tomorrow. Really.
12. Return to the technique used in your lead-in (answer a question you asked, circle back to a story, extend a quotation, etc.)
So was Dorothy right in The Wizard of Oz? After the tough summer I spent on our ranch in Wyoming, mending barbed-wire fences and wrestling angry calves, I could think of nothing else on the long bus ride back to school.


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How to Write a Good Concluding Paragraph in research.

What Is a “Working Thesis” statement ?

What Is a “Working Thesis” statement ?


The thesis statement declares the main point or controlling idea of your entire research.  A working thesis statement is Frequently located near the beginning of a short essay, the thesis answers these questions:

“What is the subject of this essay?”

“What is the writer’s opinion on this subject?”

“What is the writer’s purpose in this research topic?” (to explain something? to argue a position? to move people to action? to entertain?).

Consider a “working thesis” a statement of your main point in its trial or rough-draft form. Allow it to “work” for you as you move from prewriting through drafts and revision. Your working thesis may begin as a very simple sentence. For example, one of the freewriting exercises on nature in Chapter 1 (pages 8–9) might lead to a working thesis such as “Our college needs an on-campus recycling center.” Such a working thesis states
an opinion about the subject (the need for a center) and suggests what the essay will do (give arguments for building such a center). Similarly, the prewriting list on running (page 7) might lead to a working thesis such as “Before beginning a successful program, novice runners must learn a series of warm-up and cool-down exercises.” This statement not only tells the writer’s opinion and purpose (the value of the exercises) but also indicates an audience (novice runners).

A working thesis statement can be your most valuable organizational tool. Once you have thought about your essay’s main point and purpose, you can begin to draft your paper to accomplish your goals. Everything in your essay should support your thesis. Consequently, if you write your working thesis statement at the top of your first draft and refer to it often, your chances of drifting away from your purpose should be reduced.

It’s important for you to know at this point that there may be a difference between the working thesis that appears in your rough drafts and your final thesis. As you begin drafting, you may have one main idea in mind that surfaced from your prewriting activities. But as you write, you may discover that what you really want to write about is different. Perhaps you discover that one particular part of your essay is really what you want to
concentrate on (instead of covering three or four problems you have with your current job, for instance, you decide you want to explore in depth only the difficulties with your boss), or perhaps in the course of writing you find another approach to your subject more satisfying or persuasive (explaining how employees may avoid problems with a particular kind of difficult boss instead of describing various  kinds of difficult bosses in
your field).

Changing directions is not uncommon: writing is an act of discovery. Frequently we don’t know exactly what we think or what we want to say until we write it. A working thesis appears in your early drafts to help you focus and organize your essay; don’t feel it’s carved in stone.
A warning comes with this advice, however. If you do write yourself into another essay—that is, if you discover as you write that you are finding a better topic or main point to make—consider this piece of writing a “discovery draft,” extended prewriting that has helped you find your real focus. Occasionally, your direction changes so slightly that you can rework or expand your thesis to accommodate your new ideas. The article on ‘What is A working thesis statement ?’ explains what it is for you are a research scholar.

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