Supply chain dissertation topics for MBA students in 2022

Supply chain dissertation topics for MBA students in 2022


Here are some of the Supply chain dissertation topics for MBA students in 2022. 

Digital Transformation of SCM and the Key Challenges, enablers for success
Smart Government Initiatives in digitalisation of PDS supply chain in India
Digital Leadership linking to Virtual Teams or Self Organised Teams (Agile PM) in global supply chain management teams

COVID 19 impacted the implementation of Digital Transformation?
Cross-functional collaboration in the decision-making process for SCM effectiveness.
The value of data and interdependencies in decision-making system in SCM.
Machine learning techniques in supply chain management efficacy Sustainable Project Management (SPM) and industry 4.0
Factors affecting the application of an efficient supply management system in SCM4.0.IoT- Industry 4.0 and Big Data in ecommerce supplychain management

Application of IoT in Logistics – Challenges; enablers & Success Factors
The practicability of intertwined supply networks with IoT.
Implementation of IoT in 3PL/4PL Industry – Challenges; enablers & Success Factors
Big data and impact in DDMRP
Evaluation of technology use in modern supply chain management.
The extension of supply chain resilience through Industry 4.0
The Impact of Industry 4.0 on supply chain management.
Implementation of E-logistics in Supply Chain Operations.
Operations and Supply Chain Management evolution of SCM
Risk Evaluation and Management involved in a supply chain management challenges
Partnerships Perspective in Supply Chain Management at regional and global stakeholder level
Assessing Supply Chain Risk Management Capabilities in post COVID19 business resilience.
Implementation of Green Supply Chain Management Practices for better KPIs achievement
Supply Chain Management Practices and Supply Chain Performance Effectiveness
The Impact of Supply Chain Management Practices on the Overall Performance of the org
The Influence of Environmental Management Practices and Supply Chain Integration on Technological Innovation Performance
The Relationship between Total Quality Management Practices and their Effects on Firm Performance


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